Medical Beam Laboratories, LLC
Advanced Robotic Radiosurgery Solutions 
Career Oportunities
At BeamLab, we strive to provide inspiring, empowering and rewarding job opportunities for talented individuals who share our desire to battle health disparities across the globe.  We welcome all qualified persons who strive to expand the boundaries of medical technology to join our team.  We encourage our employees to be creative, to lead and to challenge the limitations of the medical technology industry.  If you aspire to work with an adept team and innovative technology that could change lives, a career at BeamLab might be suitable for you.
Available Positions
  • Physicist:
    • Desired Skills and Experience:
      • Master's Degree in Physics or Engineering, PhD preferred
      • Experimental research experience with demonstrated knowledge in medical physics
      • Excellent communication skills, creativity and the ability to collaborate in a team
      • Knowledge of current medical radiation devices and their applications preferred
    • Primary Responsibilities:
      • Work with researchers, doctors and industrial organizations to provide a bridge from basic research to usable technologies
      • Collaborate with leading scientists to provide novel research, aid in technology development and secure funding
      • Provide leadership for interns and students joining our team from academic institutions
  • Mechanical Engineers:
    • Desired Skills and Experience:
      • Bachelor's Degree in Physics or Engineering, MS preferred
      • Experience with the full design process and evaluation of mechanical and electromechanical systems
      • Solid background in modeling and CAD software(s)
      • Ability to accurately present technical information
      • Knowledge of medical technologies and FDA design requirements is a plus
    • Primary Responsibilities
      • Collaborate with researchers to design and develop new technologies
      • Develop mechanical and electromechanical systems that can meet FDA requirements
      • Build strong company reputation with government regulation agencies
      • Assure system and product quality by designing testing methods
  • Computer Scientists:
    • Desired Skills and Experience:
      • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field required
      • Experience with modeling physical systems, parallel programming and large data preferred 
      • Basic understanding of physics, biology and engineering preferred
      • Experience with robotic control algorithms is a plus 
    • Primary Responsibilities:
      • Collaborate with researchers and engineers to develop realistic models of physical systems
      • Confirm design, feasibility, and theoretical results of proposed systems with modeling
      • Collaborate with robotics team to develop robotic control algorithms
      • Organize and maintain a large database and interface with Clemson University's Palmetto Cluster

If any of our available positions call out to you, please send your resume and cover letter to