Medical Beam Laboratories, LLC
Advanced Robotic Radiosurgery Solutions 

Our Projects
At Beam Lab we strive to utilize our research results, expert faculty, and resources for developmental projects associated with medical radiation therapy.  The major limitations in radiation therapy precipitate from the limitations in patient positioning, treatment heads and delivery systems.Our development team collaborates closely with Beam Lab & Clemson University researchers to provide real solutions to these issues.  We welcome future collaborations in related areas with other research companies and institutions. 
​Advanced Robotic Patient Positioning
As advances in radiation therapy techniques provide increasing dose conformity, the accuracy and reproducibility of patient positioning is becoming more critical.  At Beam Lab we confront the limitations of current patient positioning techniques for stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) technologies, including particle accelerator systems, radioactive isotope systems, and linear accelerators.  Our robotics team designs patient positioning systems that utilize robotic technology with more than 6 axes of motion and large working envelopes, giving our systems unparalleled precision, range of motion and reproducibility.  Unlike industrial robotics, our systems employ unique control algorithms specifically designed for gentle continuous motion, which minimizes patient discomfort and maximizes safety for the patient and therapy technicians. 
Beam Delivery Systems and Treatment Heads
Beam delivery systems in SRS technologies are radiation units that generate, collimate and direct irradiation beams to the targeted area.  SRS has been used to treat functional disorders of the brain such as trigeminal neuralgia or arteriovenous malformations, vascular malformations, and intracranial and extracranial benign and malignant tumors.  Extracranial areas including the abdomen, liver, lung, neck, pancreas, prostate, and spine have also been treated with SRS techniques; however, SRS techniques are limited to quasi-static locations within the body.  One our projects at Beam Lab is to provide attainable solutions to these limitations by providing better beam delivery systems and treatment heads for SRS.  

Our engineers design treatment heads that safely accommodate the irradiation sources and collimate the irradiation beam while shielding unwanted radiation from the patient and technicians.  Our treatment heads utilize multiple layers of interchangeable collimators allowing for precise control of the focal point dimensions.  The materials used in our treatment heads provide structural strength and radiation shielding simultaneously.  Our research team performs simulations and dosimetry tests to optimize collimator design and arrangement patterns. The unique design of our treatment heads allow for compact, self-contained beam delivery systems that require minimal external shielding.  

Our engineers are dedicated to providing robotic beam delivery systems that provide the necessary motions to optimize safety and ensure accurate beam delivery to the targeted region of interest. These systems are designed to rotate the treatment head around the patient while maintaining a constant focal point, which maximizes damage to the region on interests and minimizes damage to the surrounding healthy tissues.